Supported Housing

The VA centre provides a safe and secure place to call home.

Workshops & Counselling

Help with addictions, past trauma and life skills

Moving Forward

We offer work training and moving on plans

What we do

The VA Centre is a nonprofit organisation committed to providing support to groups of vulnerable people within the community. Our clients are people with vulnerabilities that exclude them socially or make independent living difficult, these includes ex-offenders who are homeless, those struggling with their mental health, and those with learning difficulties. We will in the near future, provide accommodation for people who are street homeless, and others seeking a place to stay. To improve our clients' wellbeing and confidence we provide them with clean and presentable temporary accommodation, support services, information and guidance. Each of our clients receives support that is uniquely tailored to their individual needs and requirements. We guide our clients towards positive engagement in education, training, apprenticeships, volunteering, and employment. We equip our clients with life skills such as budgeting, housekeeping, making and keeping appointments, job-searching, cooking, and cleaning. We arrange referrals and signpost our clients to counselling, therapy, and treatment, as required for their recovery and successful rehabilitation. We work with our clients to increase their confidence and prepare them for living independent and meaningful lives by the end of their stay with us. Our services provide our clients with increased access to the mainstream services that will enable their faster and smoother inclusion and reintegration into the community. By adding value to our clients’ lives through the services we provide, The VA Centre helps to promote our clients’ social inclusion and reduce reoffending by ex-offenders, thereby promoting public wellbeing and harmony in our community.

Adding Value - Improving Lives

The objective of the VA Centre is to promote the relief of those in need in the UK because of their disadvantages, for the benefit of the public. We aim to do this with targeted persons, such as ex-offenders, facing homeless, learning disabilities, struggling with substance abuse & dependency; by rehabilitating them into society. We aim to promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing disadvantaged people from becoming socially excluded, and assisting them to integrate into society. Our objectives to the disadvantaged are achievable by the relief we provide with our temporary accommodation and person-centred support services, our provision of information, guidance and support, which increases opportunities to access mainstream services; thereby enabling social inclusion and integration back into the community. We provide support for positive engagement into education, training, apprenticeship, volunteering and employment; in order to reduce re-offending and promote social inclusion. These are achievable by referring prospects to tailored counselling and therapy for rehabilitation, which improves wellbeing and confidence for a better life. Our assistance with physical supplies helps meet practical needs. The VA centre aims to improve lives with the correct support and guidance for those most in need. We provide added value to all elements of our service users' lives and work with them to ensure that they can lead as independent and meaningful lives as possible.

We have already improved lives

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